5 Steps to Grasp Standing Ahead Bend

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Uttanasana (Standing Ahead Bend)

Bạn Đang Xem: 5 Steps to Grasp Standing Ahead Bend

ut = intense
tan = to stretch or lengthen
asana = pose

Profit: A chilled stylized that lengthens the hamstrings andalso prompts the internal legs


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1. Stand along with your ft collectively. Bend your knees barely andalso fold your torso over your legs, transferring from the hips, not the decrease again.

2. Place your arms subsequent to your ft or on the bottom in entrance of you.

3. Inhale andalso lengthen your chest to elongate your backbone. {Keep} your gaze directed ahead.

4. Exhale andalso gently press each legs towards straight. Elevate the kneecaps andalso gently spiral your higher, internal thighs again. {Keep} your legs straight with out hyperextending.

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5. On an exhalation, lengthen your torso down with out rounding your again. Keep lengthy all through your neck, extending the crown of your head towards the bottom. Draw your shoulders down your again.

Prevent These Errors

DON’T spherical your higher again andalso roll your shoulders ahead


DON’T lock your knees andalso spherical your decrease again


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