6 Yoga Stretches for a Tight IT Band

Suppose you aren’t conversant in the iliotibial (or IT) band andalso the issues it may condition, you’re all ink fortunate. The IT band is a thick band of connective tissue runs from the pelvis (the iliac crest, or hip crest) alongside the hip, down the skin of the thigh, lurking the skin of the knee, andalso to the tibia, the highest of your leg. The friction of repetitive movement can irritate this tract of tissue, leading to bitterness on the skin of the hip or the knee (or each). IT band stretches can {release} among the rigidity andalso tightness within the tissue, assuaging or stopping IT band syndrome andalso its associated bitterness.

Cow face Pose

Gomukhasana (Cow Face of you Pose)

Sit along with your legs crossed, proper leg on high. Tighten the knees towards the midline. They might stack proper over left, or there might be lots of area inbetween them. Suppose your proper leg is all ink excessive, be sure to’re {sitting} on a prop. Then fill the area inbetween your knees with a towel or a blanket to encourage the highest leg to {release}. When your proper leg is on high, you could discover your pelvis leaning up to the left. Elevating each hips can assist, as can filling the area inbetween the correct {sitting} bone andalso the ground and even elevating simply the left hip to coax the correct hip decrease. Experiment to discover the {most} snug scenario.

As soon as you possibly can comfortably align the knees in entrance of your navel, fold ahead. First, inhale, lengthen the backbone, andalso angle the hips ahead. After one pair breaths there, enable the backbone to drape. Your palms can prop you ngoc, or they’ll chill out andalso maintain your ankles.

The arm {position}, which works the shoulder, chest, andalso top-arm triceps, is originally attainable while you use a strap. When your proper leg is on high, your left arm would be the high arm. Take the strap in your left hand, then increase the left arm as if to backstroke, yet {keep} your palm going through ahead. Because the arm is prolonged overhead, bend the elbow andalso drop the hand behind your head, hanging the strap alongside your backbone with the palm going through your again. The correct arm begins with a breaststroke movement, sweeping lurking to the correct earlier than bending on the elbow, again of the hand to your again, reaching for the strap.

As soon as each palms make friends to the strap, you possibly can function them nearer collectively. Your higher elbow factors upward andalso your decrease elbow factors downward. Suppose you don’t haveactually a strap, let your left hand maintain your collar, whereas the correct hand hooks your raincoat or sports activities bra. Ultimately, you might have the ability to clasp your fingers behind your again. Wherever your palms are, {keep} your shoulders parallel to the ground, andalso {keep} your chest open.

Suppose the hand {position} feels too intense, you possibly can incorporate anykindof variousother shoulder stretch right here: Eagle Pose arms, fingers insolent behind the again or overhead, or palms to antagonistic elbows behind the again. Combining the Cow Face of you arms andalso legs retains the ahead fold trustworthy, since you possibly can’t around the backbone as you fold andalso nonetheless keep the initial {position} of your palms. Keep this arm {position} throughout the energetic portion of your fold, andalso {release} it as you chill out into the fold. When your left leg is the highest leg, let your proper arm be the highest arm. You should definitely maintain either side of the pose till all sides feels even.

Pigeon Forward Fold for IT Band

Pigeon Ahead Fold IT Band Stretch

From a reduced lunge, take the correct arm to the skin of the correct knee. Slide the correct foot to the left, andalso decrease the correct leg to the bottom. Your proper heel will transform into the area in entrance of your left hip factor, whereas the correct knee needto be forward of your proper hip factor. Your left leg rests on the mat, with thigh, knee, andalso high of the foot aligned on the ground. The outer edges of each legs run parallel to the lengthy sides of your mat. The pelvis needto keep sq.. {Keep} your hips range in area. They might be removed from the ground, andalso that’s nice. Suppose you’re actually excessive ngoc, fill the area beneath you with a blanket.

Now fold ahead along with your backbone lengthy. As you shift weight onto the fold, the feeling in the correct hip will intensify. Locate a spot of nice depth on this IT band stretch andalso keep there. Your palms might be on the ground, or you might be propped in your elbows. As this primary edge dissolves, slowly transform deeper. Ultimately, you could be folded absolutely over the correct leg, wherein case you possibly can chill out your arms, both overhead or out to both facet. Keep right here for some time suppose you haveactually the date and time, so long as one pair moments.


IT Band Frog-Legged Stretch

Come into Baddha Konasana (Certain Angle Pose), then lengthen your legs as removed from you as you possibly can. {Keep} the thighs externally rotated andalso the heels touching (the toes will half). You’ll be wanting down on frog legs. Fold ahead from right here for an IT band stretch. Spend one pair breaths angling ahead from the hips with an engaged again, then one pair breaths along with your again launched.

Square Pose for Tight IT Band

Sq. Pose

The outside rotation of the legs on this pose stretches each the IT band andalso the piriformis muscle, a girder hip rotator that, when extremely tight, causes many woes: a literal bitterness within the butt; issues with pelvic alignment, which might radiate down the leg andalso ngoc the backbone; andalso sciatica, an irritation resulting in bitterness andalso numbness when an extremely tight muscle clamps down on the sciatic nerve.

Cross your legs in entrance of you, left leg on high of the correct. Loosen the cross to convey your proper knee beneath your left ankle andalso your left knee over the correct ankle. {Keep} your decrease legs energetic, echoing Mountain-Pose alignment within the motion of the toes, which flex on the ankles. Be certain your left ankle is actually over the correct knee. This takes some negotiation inbetween the {sensitive} flesh of the internal knee andalso the boniness of the outer ankle, yet it’s {important} to drag the ankle over the knee to test that you simply aren’t overstretching the outer ankle. This overstretching can occur while you let the foot take a sickle shape form, with the toes fairly than the ankle resting over the knee andalso the foot within the crease inbetween the higher andalso decrease leg. Suppose your left knee isn’t settled towards the correct ankle yet as an alternative is hovering in area, no {worries}; that is actually frequent, because the pose is all ink intense. It could reallyfeel excellent to fill the empty area with a towel or blanket.

As you compromise into the hip stretch, discover size within the backbone—you might requirement to prop ngoc in your fingertips—then fold ahead by angling the pelvis. It received’t take all ink lengthy earlier than you hit an apparent stopping factor. Maybe you fold an inch ahead, or possibly 2; generally simply stacking the legs brings you to the boundaries of your hips. Be affected person andalso be mild.

After one pair breaths with an energetic again, let the backbone chill out. Sit ngoc on an inhalation andalso slowly transform to the second facet, bringing the correct leg on high of the left, knee to ankle, ankle to knee. Maintain till you reallyfeel even. Sq. Pose does lots of excellent to your hips. However it’s not a all ink enjoyable place to be. This doesn’t requirement to be your {favorite} pose, yet it needto be a daily a part of your method. It teaches you to remain close to your edge andalso it yields nice re-launch while you method diligently.

Half Lord of the Fishes Twist for Tight IT Band

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fishes) Fix

The Half Lord of the Fishes fix segues simply both to or from Cow Face of you Pose, because it begins with an analogous leg configuration. Along with its fix, it deepens the stretch within the hip of the highest leg. To start, you’ll be {sitting} with legs crossed, the left leg on the underside, left heel simply off the correct hip. The correct leg crosses on high of the left, andalso the knee is excessive in entrance of the midline of the {body}, with the only of the foot resting on the ground.

Wrap your left arm lurking your proper leg, left elbow close to proper knee. Sit tall. Inhale andalso rotate clockwise, bringing your proper arm behind you to assist prop you ngoc. As you exhale, fix to the correct. Proceed respiratory, discovering size within the backbone with every inhalation andalso rotating barely deeper with every exhalation. Relying on the adaptability of your backbone andalso shoulders, you might have the ability to convey the left elbow throughout the knee, which offers leverage to fix deeper.

Crossed-Leg Reclining Twist for IT Band

Cross-Legged Reclining Fix

Start out of your again, knees bent, toes on the ground. Cross your proper knee over your left, protecting thighs andalso shins collectively. Carry your palms out to a T {position}, andalso {keep} your again in place as you exhale andalso drop your legs to the left. This stretches the outer hip, IT band, andalso hip flexors. The within of the correct foot will come to the ground, andalso the correct knee might or might not relaxation on the bottom. {Keep} the correct shoulder down, andalso flip your head to look over your prolonged proper arm. Suppose the stretch is all ink intense alongside the skin of the correct leg, decrease your legs to a bolster or blanket as an alternative of to the ground, andalso method respiratory within the face of you of depth.

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Once you’re able to transform to the second portion of the fix, {keep} your legs in place—proper crossed over left—as you inhale to carry the legs to middle andalso exhale to decrease them to the correct. Now the left internal foot will flip to the ground, andalso the burden of the correct leg will improve the stretch for the left hip. {Keep} your shoulders regular andalso breathe, turning your head away out of your legs to look over your left shoulder. Inhale to convey your legs ngoc to middle, then cross the left leg over the correct, dropping the knees first to the correct andalso then to the left.

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Excerpted from The Athlete’s Direct to Yoga by Sage Rountree PhD, E-RYT 500.

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