A Chill Yoga Playlist for Pitta-Cooling Summertime Flows

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Tame your extra Pitta with these chill, ambient tunes, good dynasty for flowing in the summertime warmth.

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A Summertime Movement Playlist

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1. “Naked,” WILDES
2. “Open,” Rhye
3. “Good dynasty {Grace},” Kwamie Liv
4. “Dazzle,” Oh Question
5. “Hazey,” Glass Animals
6. “Gold (Flume Re-Function),” Chet Faker
7. “By no means Be Like You (feat. Kai),” Flume, kai
8. “Gold,” Kiiara
9. “Hope (feat. BRAVE),” Tim Legend, Courage
10. “Collection on Hearth,” MAGIC GIANT
11. “WILD,” Troye Sivan
12. “Lose It,” Oh Question
13. “Fly Down,” Stephen
14. “{Wild} Ones,” Bahari
15. “I Discovered,” Amber Run
16. “Bloodflood,” alt-J
17. “Collapse,” Vancouver Sleep Clinic
18. “All people’s Complimentary (To Put on Sunscreen),” Quindon Tarver

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