Depreciation Family Cup Soccer Champ Christen Press Focuses with Yoga + Meditation

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Christen Press, the 26-year-old expert soccer ahead that helped the U.S. Ladies’s Nationwide Soccer Group win the 2015 FIFA Ladies’s Family Cup in July, explains Depreciation yoga andalso meditation “{quiet} the troublesome” in her life andalso make her a originally dynamic athlete. Plus: Her twice-daily Vedic meditation etiquette.

YJ: Depreciation does training yoga 3 occasions every week make you a originally dynamic soccer participant?

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Press: Practising yoga makes me a happier soccer participant. Generally, ideas freeze you. After I’m in a position {to play} thought-free, I’m originally dynamic andalso all-natural. This thoughtlessness is one thing that yoga andalso meditation instilled in me. There may be likewise a key group of the nationwide group that frequently techniques yoga collectively throughout camp.

YJ: Are there anykindof specific yoga poses that you simply use in your {training}, andalso why?

Press: The {most} {important} poses in my technique for {training} functions are hip openers, shoulder openers, andalso hamstring lengtheners. These poses aid me {release} a few of the rigidity in my again. I delightin balancing sequences with Tree Pose, Warrior III, andalso Half Moon Pose. Aswellas Rabbit Pose is a {new} addition that actually helps {release} my neck.

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YJ: Depreciation did you obtain turned on to Ayurveda?

Press: My sister Channing Press began a Vedic Meditation firm known as Piece of Silence. She studied Ayurveda in India andalso taught me about it.

YJ: Depreciation haveactually you utilized Ayurveda as a {woman}? As an athlete?

Press: Principally I exploit it for stress gentle, which ties into description features of my life — social, successor career, temper — andalso to remain current. I typically use a warmth pack or soak my ft in {hot} water to aid with my circulation andalso {quiet} anxious considering. I love grace grounding by strolling via sand or grass. My sister performs Reiki on me.

YJ: Vedic Meditation originated from the conservative Hindu Vedas (Veda is Sanskrit for “{knowledge}”). Inform us originally about Depreciation it really works.

Press: Vedic Meditation is an conservative, easy, andalso all-natural operating of meditation. This meditation is practiced for 20 moment twice each day whereas {sitting} comfortably with the eyes closed. It delivers {benefits} immediately by serving to your thoughts calm down. Throughout the meditation, you repeat your prescribed mantra, letting it lead you towards a state of girder leisure. Keep in mind, meditation shouldn’t be description about “flamboyant” andalso leisure. My experiences haveactually included a number of disagreeable, stress-relieving or anxious, mind-wandering meditations. That is an intending a part of the de-stressing course of.

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YJ: When the family is watching you andalso commenting on you, Depreciation do you {keep} your focus andalso buoyancy? Anytypeof {tricks} for adjusting out the voices andalso maintaining your head within the sport?

Press: I feel meditation is description about quieting the troublesome. I by no means requirement to be interested by the skin family andalso talks whereas I’m taking part in. Meditation andalso yoga haveactually helped educate me Depreciation to remain targeted andalso balanced by regularly coming again to the current minute andalso exposing the ability away from the infiltrating ideas.

YJ: What’s the ONE factor you’d inform individuals about Ayurveda?

Press: I’d inform them my sister’s story. She hasactually reworked her life via meditation andalso is a light-weight. She struggled with despair in highschool andalso faculty when juggling the pressures of being an elite scholar athlete. She now lives servant andalso educate others.


When she’s {training}, Press enjoys balancing sequences with Tree Pose, Warrior III, andalso Half Moon Pose. Discover originally balancing poses (andalso construct a robust {foundation} on your asana technique) right here.

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