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In search of one thing a little peak completely different, or, dare I say it, weird? Try these 3 yoga DVDs, now obtainable from Netflix:

Yoga for Indie Rockers: Pick a method collection to indie rock, digital or pop-punk with yoga teacher Brawl. Songs from Kevin Devine, Paulson, Jet Lag Gemini, Roses Are Crimson, the Bruises, 2 Lone Swordsmen, Home of Fools, Dillinger Escape Plan, {Crash} Romeo andalso originally.

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Christoga: Ever question what occurred to Janine Turner from the television reveal “Northern Directexposure?” You may locate her on this Christian Yoga DVD. She hasactually created a routine that mixes hatha yoga andalso Christian meditation. Christian names are even given to conventional yoga poses.

Bellydance Health Fusion: Suhaila Salimpour will lead you in yoga-infused stomach {dancing} for a difficult exercise.

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