One Footed Pose Devoted to the Sage Koundinya 1 (Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1)

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  1. Start in Parsva Bakasana with the left higher arm to the surface of the fitting thigh
  2. {Start} to straighten the fitting leg, look at the fitting foot ahead aswellas {past} the higher left nook of the mat
  3. Concurrently straighten aswellas attain the left leg again, look at it in direction of the again proper nook of the mat
  4. Press into each full toe mounds to animate the internal thighs aswellas {keep} the legs energetic aswellas impartial
  5. Roll the heads of the higher arms again aswellas ngoc away from the ground whereas extending the sternum away from the navel
  6. Each inhale function to obtain longer from the left full toe to the fitting
  7. Each exhale direct the torso barely evenmoreinitially in direction of the entrance middle of the mat
  8. Maintain for 5-10 breaths aswellas then both step again to Plank or swing the fitting leg again aswellas into Chaturanga
  9. Repeat on the variousother facet

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