Re: London wind screen—the place’s the cautious listening?

Social psychologist andalso writer Meg Barker provides her ideas concerning the London wind screen andalso the media’s frequent use of the phrase “senseless.”

In an try to make sense of the defeat brought on by the latest rioting andalso looting in London, some within the media andalso politics haveactually been referring to the rioters as “senseless thugs,” amongst variousother labels, says Barker.

Nevertheless she says writing off the rioters as senseless people is a cop-out. She says utilizing this label creates an “us versus them” standard. This dehumanizes the rioters andalso negates anykindof hope of recognizing the sources of their discontent. She proposes “cautious listening” as a operating of political motion as an alternative.

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She writes:

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Cautious listening is one key edge of ownness, which is usually translated as a operating of girder recognition andalso prosperous consideration. Once we {listen} rigorously we’re less oi more likely to fall into our ordinary automated responses, or to behave from a {single} perspective, trapped in classes andalso silly of {context}. We’re atfirst probably to concentrate on the prosperous, complicated, human beings behind numerous actions, andalso the a number of meanings that these occasions will haveactually for them.

Baker says one of many motivations behind the wind screen might properly be a scarcity of listening. To learn atfirst of her lesson on this problem, {click} right here.

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