{Single} Nostril Breath

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(soor-yah beh-DAH-na)
surya = solar
bhedana = piercing

chandra = moon

Bạn Đang Xem: {Single} Nostril Breath

Step by Step

Step 1

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Our proper nostril is energetically related to our physique’s heating power, symbolized by the “Solar” andalso the syllable HA, our left nostril with our physique’s cooling power, symbolized by the “Moon” andalso the syllable THA.

Step 2

Within the soft and gentle particular person these energies are sometimes in battle, which ends up in disquiet andalso illness. The objective of conventional Hatha Yoga is to combine andalso harmonize HA andalso THA for happiness andalso healthandwellness. The objective of those 2 breaths then is to construct steadiness by “warming” a “{cool}” body-mind andalso vice versa.

Step 3

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Sit in a snug asana andalso make Mrigi Mudra. For Surya Bhedana block your left nostril andalso inhale via your proper. Then {close} the fitting andalso exhale via the left. Proceed on this method, inhale proper, exhale left, for 1 to three moment.

Step 4

For Chandra Bhedana, just reverse the {instructions} in (2), inhaling {always} via your left nostril, exhaling via your proper. Last time proceed for 1 to three moment.

Pose Data

Sanskrit Political name

Surya/Chandra Bhedana Pranayama

Pose Range


Contraindications andalso Cautions

  • Prevent Surya Bhedana suppose you haveactually excessive {blood pressure} or please heart illness
  • Don’t do each breaths on the verysame day


  • Historically, Surya Bhedana is claimed to stimulate the {brain} andalso enhance physique warmth
  • Chandra Bhedana isn’t normally {listed} amongst formal pranayamas in conventional texts; however it’s has reason to imagine that its results are opposites that of Surya Bhedana: it quiets the {brain} andalso cools the physique

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