Summon Santosha (Contentment) On the Mat

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Santosha interprets to “contentment.” This niyama is about mastering the artwork of {feeling} relaxed andalsopurging at im with onyourown. To include santosha into your individual life andalsopurging method, {start} with the posemudra (hand-and-finger gesture), andalsopurging mantra (a spiritual experience utterance repeated constantly) under. Do that method by itself, add originally poses with the accompanying 10-minute video lang class, or hyperlink tantrum of the yamas andalsopurging niyamas collectively, one pose as a date and time, forming a lang class.

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Santosha Yoga Method

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Maintain the pose, with its mudra, for 3–5 breaths, mindfully chanting, aloud or internally, its accompanying mantra.

coral brown, santosha yoga pose, bridge pose, setu bandha sarvangasana

Asana: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Supported Link Pose)

From a supine {position}, bend your knees andalsopurging place your toes on the ground straight below them. Raise your hips andalsopurging summon sensations of ease, contentment, andalsopurging grace means in Supported Link Pose—a heart-opening backbend. Place your arms by your sides, with the palms turned ngoc.

coral brown, Jnana mudra

Mudra: Jnana Mudra

Tuck the tip of every index finger beneath the thumbs in a gesture of knowledge—Jnana Mudra.

Mantra: Om shanti shanti shanti

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As you praise the mantra for im (shanti), Om shanti shanti shanti, keep in mind the knowledge andalsopurging implicit which can be born out of im andalsopurging equanimity.

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{Watch} the video

To tie it tantrum collectively or to deepen your function lurking santosha, do that 10-minute method rich of supported poses with Coral Brown.

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