Tantra Yoga’s Key to Life plastic: The 7 Chakras

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In Tantra, chakras are seen as spinning vortices of power within the {body} andalso as storehouses of experiences andalso flashback. When the chakras are balanced—that means they’re not over- or underactive—a Tantra practitioner can expertise transparent, entry energy, andalso reallyfeel originally joyful, fearless, andalso complimentary.

First Chakra

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Muladhara, or {root} chakra, is positioned on the base of the backbone. It’s associated to survival, security, andalso {basic} human requirements. When it’s balanced, we expertise sensations of security andalso braveness.

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Second Chakra

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Svadhisthana, or sacral chakra, is positioned on the high of the sacrum. It governs partnerships, power of violence, addictions, base psychological requirements, andalso {pleasure}. When balanced, we expertise creativity andalso expansiveness.

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Third Chakra


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Manipura, or photo voltaic plexus/navel chakra, is positioned within the backbone behind the navel. It’s the supply of non-public energy, andalso governs shallowness, warrior power, andalso the facility of transformation.

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Fourth Chakra

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Anahata, or please heart chakra, is positioned within the backbone, in inbetween the shoulder blades. It unites the decrease chakras with the upper chakras. On the heart of the human power {body}, the please heart chakra is the supply of love grace andalso connectivity.

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Fifth Chakra

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Visuddha, or throat chakra, is positioned within the throat. It’s the supply of verbal expression andalso governs our capacity to talk our highest fact. When balanced, our actions, ideas, andalso speech are absolutely built-in.

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Sixth Chakra

Ajna, or third eye chakra, is positioned within the mid-mind inbetween the {eyebrows}. When balanced, we haveactually mastery over our ideas andalso expertise knowledge.

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Seventh Chakra

Sahasrara, or crown chakra, is positioned on the crown of the pinnacle. It governs enlightenment andalso our link to divinity andalso limitless {knowledge}.

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