Training Your Teacup Pomeranian: Tips and Tricks

Pomeranians are fluffy, loyal, and look like a teddy bears. The Pomeranian’s features have consistently made them one of America’s favorite breeds for decades. Recently, however, owners are seeking tinier versions of this already toy-sized pup – with this, the Teacup Pomeranian came on the scene, awing hopeful dog owners with promises of an uber small dog that can fit in the palm of your hand. And no, they are not just some type of unique Pomeranian mix.

There is some mystery and controversy surrounding these teacup dogs, mostly due to their health problems and the questionable breeding methods used to obtain “teacup dogs.” But that doesn’t mean they’re less popular. You could argue that they become more popular because of their unique characteristics.Below, we’ll cover all things Teacup Pom and what you can expect if you decide to bring him home as a family pet. Let’s take a closer look at whether this miniature dog is worth all the fuss.

Teacup Dogs & Controversy

Sleeping Puppy in a Teacup
There are ethical questions behind some breeders who take advantage of how cute and valuable these tiny dogs are.

The term “Teacup Dog” was coined because these microscopic puppies can literally fit in a cup of tea. While incredibly cute, there’s no doubt that the obsessive miniaturization of certain breeds has caused quite a bit of controversy, and with good reason.

Many breeders claim that teacup sized dogs are not professional breeders, just for the money and using dangerous breeding methods that lead to unhealthy dogs – all of which to breed smaller and smaller at a higher price. There are several versions of Teacup dogs, like the Teacup Yorkie. Some varieties are considered “miniature”, which is the same concept as Teacups, but they are not “quite” small. Some of these will include a miniature Labradoodle or a miniature Goldendoodle.

If you’ve ever thought, “I want a super-small dog – that’s cute.” You are certainly not alone. Wanting these luscious puppies is no surprise and inherently not wrong. However, then you must make sure that you choose your little dog responsibly. When considering a teacup dog, it is extremely important to do extensive research on the breeder you wish to purchase. Here’s why.

So-called “backyard breeders” and puppy manufacturers have capitalized on this growing trend towards teacup dogs. While some use unsafe breeding methods to achieve the desired size, often resulting in sickly puppies, others will completely lie about the expected size of a puppy. adult dog. In the end, you could end up shelling out a pretty penny to buy a hybrid puppy that is passed down into a purebred Pomeranian Teacup.

Teacup Pomeranians

Teacup Pomeranian Puppy
Pomeranians are one of the most expensive of the Teacup breed variations.

Teacups are the smallest Pom you can buy. They’re small, furry, and cute in so many ways. No matter how you feel about size, these little mice have become hugely popular over the past decade. If you welcome these puppies into your home, you’re probably paying quite a bit for one of them.

Standard Poms are descendants of the Spitz family and they are popular all over the world. There are a few basics you should know before deciding to adopt them, so let’s take a closer look at this little furry breed.


Teacup Pomeranian with Ball
Teacup Pomeranians are not the breed standard.

Believe it or not, this fragile little breed is actually a descendant of the great Icelandic Husky. Their popularity began to grow in the 1600’s when they became ideal for royalty. However, Queen Victoria popularized the miniature Pomeranian craze during her reign in the 1800s – her pups were much smaller than the average Pomeranian. Average weight is about 30 lbs.

Since then, the obsession with making this dog smaller has only grown bigger. The Pomeranian joined the American Kennel Club in 1888, and by the 1900s the small Pomeranian we know and love today was the standard for the breed, often weighing less than 10 pounds.

This breed is not a recognized breed standard. Pomeranians are recognized by the American Kennel Club as a “toy pack.” This means that contemporary breeders are trying to get a smaller dog – a need that has led to the Pomeranian “teacup” breed.


Teacup Pomeranian in Pot
Teacups are full of love and sass.

Pomeranians are small in size, especially teacups, but they are known to have larger-than-life personalities. These little animals are lively, playful and brave. This aggressiveness can sometimes turn into a rather aggressive dog, prone to barking and wary of strangers. This is mainly due to their loyalty to their owners – they don’t like people stealing their loved one’s attention.

To help curb these jealous and territorial tendencies, it’s important to mix Teacup Pomeranians with humans and other dogs. That being said, teacup Pomeranian owners should be diligent when their puppy interacts with other dogs, especially larger dogs. Pugs don’t know how small they are and will sometimes try to get into a fight they absolutely can’t win.

Due to their natural tendency to bark, Pomeranians can make excellent guard dogs. However, you should be careful not to let this instinct get out of hand. With proper training and plenty of socialization opportunities, the Teacup Pomeranian will make an intelligent and alert companion whose cheerful wit and lively personality are sure to keep you entertained and laughing.

Size & Appearance

Small Teacup Pomeranian
Teacups are smaller than standard toy-sized Poms.

As we discussed, the “teacup” Pomeranian is not an official breed. The American Kennel Club only recognizes Pomeranians in the Toy Group and characterizes them by weight between 3-7 pounds. This means that a “teacup” Pomeranian is any Pom that weighs less than 3 pounds. (Well, that’s tiny.) This also means that there’s no official breed standard for the Teacup Pomeranian, but one could assume this dog would look like a smaller version of a purebred Pomeranian. strains.

The desired appearance is a thick double coat with a distinctive spread tail. They are known for their sharp, black eyes and delicate features. Many people describe Pomeranians as looking like teddy bears due to their soft fur, miniature frames, and adorable faces. It’s hard not to love a cute dog like this.

Coat & Colors

Teacup Pomeranian White Coat
This breed can be a variety of different colors.

Teacup Poms will have the standard Pomeranian coat, which is a double coat with an undercoat and a shiny outer coat. They come in a variety of beautiful, different colors with almost endless possibilities. Some of their most commonly seen and popular colors are black, white, chocolate, fawn, orange, red, and brindle.

This is great news if you have any particular color preferences in mind. You can find a Pomeranian that shows off your favorite aesthetic. This is one of the reasons they are so popular. However, it is important to note that the more unique the coat, the higher the price tag. This is especially true of the Pomeranians, which are very rare.

Exercise & Living Requirements

Teacup Pomeranian Exercising
Teacup Pomeranians require outdoor exercise daily.

Not surprisingly, this compact breed can live in most places—including apartments and small living quarters. These dogs are great companions for people who live in the city and may not have a spacious backyard. However, this does not mean that Pomeranians do not need to exercise.

Teacup Pomeranians have no idea how small they are. They are lively and energetic, and they like to walk or play with the people they like. Despite their small feet, they actually have good stamina and can go for long walks as long as the temperature isn’t too hot – they’re very sensitive to heat. Therefore, we recommend that you don’t go anywhere with your teacups, let them do the work.

It’s also important to mentally stimulate your teacup pompom. This can be done with interactive pomeranian games and puppy handling puzzles. You can also exercise their brain cells with regular training, which we discuss in the next section.


Teacup Pomeranian Training as a Puppy
Teacup Pomeranians should start training very early.

As we mentioned, teacup Pomeranians are great apartment dwellers and can find many ways to entertain the house. These intelligent creatures still deserve plenty of stimulation. You can train their eager brain with regular training sessions. They love to learn new tricks and look the cutest.

The Pomeranian is known for its short attention span, so keep training sessions short and interesting. Positive reinforcement is the only way to train this sensitive breed. If they are treated roughly, they can easily become moody and even act impulsive. However, if they are working for affection or hospitality, you will have better (and happier) results.

It is important not to spoil the variety of this tea. For a dog that looks more like a teddy bear than an animal, that’s easier said than done. But despite their size, they have the same instincts and needs as other dogs, and they should be treated as such to lead a happy and fulfilling life. If they are not trained regularly and properly, they can develop “small dog syndrome” and become difficult to handle.


Teacup Pomeranian Healthy Puppy
Teacup Pomeranians can have health issues later in life.

When discussing Teacup Pomeranians, it is very important to consider their health. Unfortunately, these tiny dogs often have health issues – something any potential adopter would seriously want to consider before adopting. Unfortunately, many of these health concerns are the result of unethical breeding practices used to achieve the smallest dog possible.

Some of the notable problems are: heart problems, dislocated kneecaps, skin irritation, eye infections, tooth decay, allergies, epilepsy, collapsed trachea, and even premature death. If working with a reputable breeder, you should request a health certificate for your dog, which can help alleviate some of these concerns.

Unfortunately, this breed is also prone to sudden death from trauma. It doesn’t take long to injure a small dog like this. Rough play, accidentally sitting or stepping on them, or accidentally dropping a cup of tea can be enough to kill them. A very scary thought, but something needs to be said so that owners can take the proper precautions and precautions when handling the Teacup Pom.

Could Pet Insurance Help?

If your pet insurance covers the cost of the checkups and your dog needs to be checked, chances are your policy will reimburse those costs based on your policy details. However, if you’re a new customer, veterinary bills won’t be covered until the waiting period specified in your policy has expired, so signing up when you have a health issue isn’t going to go away. Health won’t help during this time. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by any current pet insurance plans.

This is why it is a great idea to sign up for a pet insurance policy when your pet is young and relatively healthy to ensure you will be covered when you need it most.


Teacup Pomeranian Eating Food
Nutrition is extremely important for this breed.

A healthy adult Teacup Pom will eat 1/4 to 1/2 cup of high-quality dog ​​food daily. Depending on the size of your personal Teacup, this serving may be less but may not be more. Experts recommend feeding Pomeranians this amount in two small meals per day. It’s easier on their small stomachs. We recommend that you do not feed them grass throughout the day, which can lead to them overeating.

Of course, it is important to take into account the age, size, activity level, and health status of each Pomeranian dog when deciding on a diet. Every dog ​​is different, and there are no exact guidelines for every dog. With a dog with such good bone structure, it is important to keep them at a healthy weight so as not to put unnecessary pressure on their delicate joints.

Make sure your kibble food is specifically for small breeds and, better yet, a Pomeranian-specific dog food. Otherwise, the pieces may be too large for the teacup to chew. Many dog ​​food brands will have feeding instructions based on the sizes listed on their products, which can be helpful but are ultimately just guidelines. It’s important to talk to your veterinarian to make sure you’re providing all the essential nutrients with the right amount of protein and calories.


Teacup Pomeranian needing groomed
This breed needs to be groomed regularly due to their hair.

Pomeranians are definitely good looking, so it’s no surprise that these handsome dogs require a fair amount of maintenance, especially to keep their shaggy coat looking neat and shiny. They should be brushed twice a week to shed their coat and keep the underlying skin healthy. Some owners prefer to clip their pups’ fur, but this is more for aesthetics than necessity. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money at a groomer because of their teacup size.

As with all dogs, dental hygiene and regular nail trimming are essential to a puppy’s health. Unfortunately, small dogs are more prone to tooth decay than large dogs. This means that people should be extra diligent in caring for their Teacup Pom’s tiny teeth.

Pomeranians are gentle shedders, so you should be prepared to find dog hair lingering around the house. Regular maintenance of their coat can help reduce this nuisance, and since they are small, the amount of hair should be manageable. We recommend regular brushing with a depilator and an anti-shedding dog shampoo if there is too much hair.


Teacup Pom Puppy
Puppies of this breed can be extremely expensive.

I bet just thinking about those little pompoms in a cup of tea makes you as happy as we are. Why can’t it? Something very small and cute is sure to bring joy. However, when discussing these adorable pups, it’s important to note how vulnerable they are. Due to their small bones and small body, it is important to treat these pups with great care and tenderness.

A litter of teacup Pomeranians typically has between two and four, often weighing less than a pound each. Prices for purebred Pomeranians vary widely. In general, you’ll pay up to $1,500, with some pups approaching $5,000 or so.

When you’re looking to buy a “teacup” sized dog, the size of any given puppy can greatly affect the price. The smaller the dog (and the dog’s parents), the higher the price of the puppy.

As Family Pets

Teacup Pom Family Pet
These little pups make great family pets.

Teacup Pomeranians are bold and lively dogs who have no idea they are so small. Their personalities are impeccable. They are fun to play with, they love to cuddle, and of course, they are super cute. They are ideal companions for families with older children, adult only families or single people.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend this breed for families with young children who may inadvertently rough up and injure this delicate breed. Children should not be left unattended and should be taught how to pet and play with dogs gently.

They generally get along well with other animals and do well in multi-pet households, although they do like being the center of attention. All in all, this pup would be a great addition to any household that can treat them with good taste, love, and give them plenty of attention.

Finding a Breeder

Tiny White Dog in a Dog Bed
Be very careful to find an ethical and responsible breeder.

The most important decision you will make when looking for a Teacup Pomeranian is choosing the right breeder. Due to their popularity, finding a breeder isn’t difficult – but finding a reputable breeder that puts the health of their dogs first can be harder. A simple internet search can put you in touch with dozens of potential breeders who claim “the smallest Pomeranian puppies you’ll ever see”.

Since some unscrupulous breeding techniques are sometimes used to achieve the “teacup” aesthetic, you must do your due diligence to ensure that you are not contributing to breeding activities. unethical endangering innocent animals. These breeders’ sole motivation is to profit at the expense and health of their dogs. Make sure you do your research before contacting to find a legit, trustworthy breeder with ethical practice.

Never buy from a puppy farm or puppy farm. Not only have they become illegal in many states due to inhumane practices, but dogs raised from these facilities are often unhealthy. Perhaps the best way to find a Pomeranian Teacup is to help a dog in need. We discuss how you can contact rescuers and shelters in our next section.

Rescue & Shelters

Tiny White Pup on a Boot
It is very possible to find these adorable pups in shelters and through rescue organizations.

Unfortunately, some people buy this breed because they’re cute, not because they really want to own and take care of a dog. When the person realizes that they have not only received an accessory but an animal that may be underperforming, in need of maintenance, or behaving badly, they will quickly keep it in a shelter. .

It was a devastating and heartbreaking experience for the Pomeranian, who developed a very strong relationship with his master. Luckily, there are great shelters that specialize in rescuing Pomeranians. Find a shelter that is accredited as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. You can also find a local shelter for your puppy.

Thanks to online sites like, the search is made easier by the ability to apply the site’s breed and location parameters. This cost-effective alternative provides scared and lonely dogs the home they deserve. While it may not be common to find a Pomeranian the size of a teacup at a shelter, it is possible and worth the effort. You can bring home one for a fraction of the price while saving a dog in need.

Final Thoughts

Despite the controversy, we understand why you want a Pomeranian teacup. They are so cute. Who wouldn’t want a buddy who loves you and looks like a living, breathing teddy bear? It’s important to make a responsible decision if this breed is right for you.

Please find a responsible breeder who has your future dog’s best interest at heart. Protect your little pup from rough handling or rowdy dogs – they are very fragile. And be prepared for some health-related expenses due to their size. If you’re up for that, then the Teacup Pomeranian could be the perfect addition to your family. They are sure to delight and entertain you. This little pup is impossible not to love.

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