{Welcome} Summer season with Shiva Rea’s Solstice Prostration Method

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This coming Monday is the summer time solstice, the primary day of summer time andalso the longest day of the yr. For yoga professionals worldwide, it represents an {opportunity} to awaken andalso evolve as we honor this juncture of the best mild in addition to the second Worldwide Day of Yoga on Tuesday. You possibly can rejoice each of those events with Solar Salutations (Surya Namaskar), {of course}, yet there may be one other highly effective {offering} that received shed in translation within the West: prostrations, the motion meditation for allness.

What’s a prostration, or a pranam?

A prostration, likewise referred to as a pranam (to nam, or bow, to the life drive, prana), is understood in Sanskrit as a Dandavat. Chaturanga Dandasana originated as a approach to obtain right into a prostration upon the earth. The motion of those 2 asanas—Chaturanga adopted by the whole-body prostration—creates a very completely different expertise of Chaturanga. The warmth of Chaturanga is balanced by leisure via the give up of prostrations. Within the West, Chaturanga sadly received separated from this nice stylized of {humility} andalso silence.

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{Watch} Shiva Rea Reveal Prana Circulation Pranams

Pranams – 3 Rounds – Summer season Solstice from Shiva Rea on Vimeo. 108 Pranams for Silence – 9 Rounds from Shiva Rea on Vimeo.

Why method pranams?

A pranam brings a few all-natural letting go that anybody can expertise, from the newbie to the {most} practiced yogi. It represents the facility of renewal that’s inherent in life, a subscribe energy that we may give to the earth whereas receiving from a deeper floor of power that’s higher than one’s particular person self. There’s a primal resting andalso remembering that occurs after we relaxation our stomach on the stomach of our nice mom earth. This embodied etiquette motion instinctually transforms us, releasing tensions andalso awakening us. The start of a pranam andalso the start of Solar Salutations are the verysame. With palms on the please heart, there’s a motion of {opening} by reaching upward to the sky via the life-giving inhalation. Then there may be the bowing ahead towards the earth via Chaturanga, a full-body {offering}. The mantra that accompanies Chaturagana is “om pusne namaha”—to bow to the giver of energy. That is the decision as we head towards to the earth from Chaturanga to pranams for this resting within the please heart, whether or not for a minute or a protracted give up. Prostrations come up from life {circumstances} that convey us to our knees, whether or not in rejoice or in nice problem. They’re the bottom from which our prayers are born andalso our internal yoga flowers. On the earth, the outer {mind} quiets, andalso we start to {listen} via our internal ears. We start to talk from our internal please heart. No instruction is required to awaken to the therapeutic energy of prostrations. On this spiritual experience {release}, we haveactually an all-in-one method. Prostrations are on the spot stress relievers. As we lay down our burdens, we’re in a position to hear a distinct language, an internal love grace andalso knowledge. On this {quiet} expertise of actually embracing the earth, we are able to let go of our fragmented ideas, anykindof stirring feelings, andalso heed the intrinsic name to expertise the spiritual experience mirrored within the earth. Chaturanga with out prostration sounds like weak to ego imbalance, the place we turn into caught ngoc in specializing in the outer self, whereas prostration calls us to combine the outer with the internal—to actually give our energy, our unconscious tensions, andalso {worries} to the earth. Andalso then to rise last time.

Summer season Solstice Prana Circulation Pranams

Checkout the facility of prostrations with this motion meditation. You possibly can supply 1, 3, 9, 18, 27, 54, or 108 rounds as a extremely transformative 5–60 minute method.

Jaya Mudra

Shiva Rea performs Jaya Mudra.

Convey the palms collectively at your please heart heart andalso draw your arms overhead, preserving palms collectively. See likewiseMeet within the Center: Anjali Mudra

Standing Anahatasana

Shiva Rea performs Standing Anahatasana.

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Convey your toes hip-distance aside together with your toes andalso tailbone rooting into the earth. Draw the power ngoc your internal legs, decrease stomach, andalso sides of your waist. Together with your palms on the base of your backbone or collectively in entrance of your please heart, devotionally arch again, {feeling} the sustain behind the please heart andalso again of the neck rising. See likewiseShiva Rea’s 10 {Body} Mudras Hyperlapse Video

Standing Ahead Bend with therapeutic massage

Shiva Rea performs Uttanasana with massage.

Uttanasana with therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage your palms down the backs of your legs as you bow ahead towards the earth. Soften the backs of the legs, andalso let the muscle mass of the neck andalso backbone {release} with gravity. See likewise10 {Body} Mudras to Have fun Earth Day with Shiva Rea


Shiva Rea performs Plank Pose.

Stroll your palms ahead to convey your shoulders over your wrists andalso in alignment together with your hips andalso toes. Discover steadiness via the elevate of your key as you lengthen your physique from crown to heels. See likewiseShiva Rea Will get Actual Concerning the {Root} Lock: A {Woman}’s Lead to Mula Bandha

4-Limbed Workers Pose to the earth

Shiva Rea performs Chaturanga.

Chaturanga Dandasana to the earth

Draw into your key. Reallyfeel your shoulders draw onto your again andalso your heels radiate behind you as you decrease to convey the edges of your waist to fulfill your elbows at a 90-degree bend. See likewiseShiva Rea’s Sahaja Prana Circulation


Shiva Rea performs a pranam.

Decrease your physique to the earth, bringing palms collectively overhead. See likewiseShiva Rea’s Pranam Mudra Vinyasa

Cobra Pose

Shiva Rea performs Cobra Pose.


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Together with your palms underneath your shoulders, lengthen your tailbone to your heels. From the size in your physique, draw the backbone ahead to rise via the again of the please heart andalso let the collarbone broaden. See likewiseShiva Rea’s Cobra Mudra Vinyasa

Baby’s Pose

Shiva Rea performs Child's Pose.


Press your palms into the earth to convey your hips to relaxation in your heels. Bow your head to the earth with arms resting overhead. See likewise{Watch} Shiva Rea’s Moon Salutation

Bhakti Vajrasana

Shiva Rea performs Bhakti Vajrasana.

{Sitting} in your heels, convey your palms to the tops of your thighs andalso rise via the backbone to arch again. Allow your head drop again because the please heart house expands. Bow the backbone with reverence over the legs andalso coil via the stomach to rise last time andalso repeat. See likewiseShiva Rea’s Internal Smile Meditation for Happiness

Standing Ahead Bend with therapeutic massage

Shiva Rea performs Uttanasana.

Uttanasana with therapeutic massage

Place your palms on the earth. Carry andalso curl over your toes to straighten your legs andalso {release} your backbone towards the earth. Convey your palms to your hips to therapeutic massage down the backs of the legs, softening into the ahead bend. See likewiseShiva Rea’s Twisting + Hovering Visvamitra’s Pose

Standing Anahatasana

dealing with anger, Shiva Rea performs Standing Anahatasana.

Rise to standing, bringing palms to the bottom of the backbone or collectively in entrance of your please heart as you {root} your toes into the earth andalso draw the power ngoc the legs andalso alongside the backbone to arch again. See likewiseShiva Rea’s Ustrasana with Moksha Mudra

Jaya Mudra

Shiva Rea performs Jaya Mudra.

Convey the palms collectively on the please heart heart andalso draw your arms overhead, preserving palms collectively. See likewiseShiva Rea’s Warrior III Bow {Body} Mudra

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